My child is addicted to technology, what can I do?

My child is addicted to technology

My child is addicted to technology, what can I do?

It is no secret that addictions can be futile. One of the most unspoken about, yet most common, addiction is one that is easy to hide – technology addiction.

The world is increasingly reliant on technology and since the start of the pandemic, this reliance has dramatically increased. Whether it is their mobiles, a gaming console or even television, technology addiction can take many forms. The effects of technology addiction are replicates of other more well-known addictions, such as gambling.

Technology addicts often experience loss of relationships and an inability to work, which can lead to financial issues. Research has even shown that up to 10% of people who use technology need to seek professional help for addiction.

How do I tell if my child is addicted to technology?

1. They choose technology over socialising

Technology is a broad word, but if you find them saying ‘I would rather stay alone and online shop’ or ‘I just need to clock this level’, then it’s time to question why.

2. They care more about your online friends than actual friends

In the online space, you can be anyone. It is easy to divulge your deepest darkest secrets to a screen rather than verbally talking to a friend you have known for years. If your child is choosing people they’ve never met over actual friends, they may develop a socialising disorder which can lead to a lack of self-confidence in future.

3. They lie about how often they use technology

If they are ashamed of how many hours they spent playing a game the night before, or how long they have spent scrolling through social media, they could even be aware that they are spending too much time using technology.

4. Technology is their first thought every day

Many people grab their phones instantly when they wake up (that’s usually where the alarm is) but if they proceed to connect to technology all day, and feel at a loss without it, they may have a problem.

5. They don’t even find it that fun

Your child spends hours playing a game they no longer enjoy. They end up on their sister’s, best friend’s, next door neighbour’s, cat’s Facebook page and they didn’t enjoy the journey. They are receiving no pleasure from technology use, yet they continue to use it, and they just cannot stop.

These days, people always have some form of technology at arm’s reach. If you find yourself thinking about technology before people, withdrawing from society so you can focus on the digital world or are finding that technology is no longer pleasurable (but you can’t stop using it), it is time to reassess your lifestyle and speak to someone about your addiction.

Are your children addicted to technology? Learn more about why and what you can do to help.

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    Posted at 22:11h, 27 November

    13 year old, lacks descipline and respect. Self entitlement and won’t take feedback