Beating screen addiction in Australian kids | 7NEWS Spotlight

Beating screen addiction in Australian kids | 7NEWS Spotlight

With a profound sense of responsibility and urgency, we must address the pervasive impact of screen addiction, social media, and smart devices on children under 17.

It is time to recognise the significant consequences of these modern distractions and their implications for the well-being of our youth.

Having assisted over 3,000 families nationwide over the past seven years, we have witnessed a substantial increase in demand for our services. Through countless hours of dedicated work with these families, a consistent pattern has emerged, affecting over 80% of them.

We stand at a critical juncture where the future of our children’s mental and emotional health is at stake. We must come together to confront the challenges of screen addiction directly and create a healthier, more balanced digital landscape for the next generation.

Let us not shy away from this crucial conversation but embrace it with unwavering dedication and passion for the well-being of our children.

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