5 reasons why you should move schools

reasons to move schools

5 reasons why you should move schools

There are definitely more than 5 reasons why you should move schools, but even the mere thought of changing schools can cause anxiety and worry in the most resilient of parents and children.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether changing schools is a good idea, then you’re not alone. Uprooting your child from a familiar environment and starting over can be incredibly daunting. You’ve probably questioned what kind of impact it will have on your child’s mental health and your family dynamic, not to mention adjusting to new routines and wondering whether the new school will be any better than the last.

We all know schools play a massive role in a child’s life. It’s not just where they learn about education but where they develop connections and a sense of community. It’s no secret that some kids don’t love school, but if you have a child that is showing very obvious signs that something is wrong, you may want to consider the following reasons why you should move schools.


They are consistently unhappy

Sometimes it’s not hormones or “just a phase”. If your child repeatedly begs to stay at home, is constantly claiming that they are unwell, or you discover they are purposefully missing classes, there is something more serious to pay attention to. It may be challenging to find out the underlying problem, but it’s important to find out.

There could be several factors at play, from bullying and peer pressure to a complete disconnect with the school’s environment. Try to talk to your child to understand as much as possible, so it will help you to figure out whether there is a valid reason to switch schools. 


The school is not the right fit

Every child learns and develops differently. Some kids may excel in a larger, more diverse school, while others thrive in smaller, more intimate environments. It’s worth thinking about if your child is constantly lagging behind their classmates or feeling overwhelmed by their surroundings, they might do better elsewhere.

Certain schools place emphasis on particular learning styles. For instance, if your child is a hands-on learner, find a school that focuses on action-based activities.   


Lack of trust

If you have had a string of issues with the school or its staff, whether it’s about communication or their handling of incidents and events, it may be time to try somewhere new. A lack of trust between parents and teachers can create tension and an unhealthy atmosphere for your child. It can also prevent your child from receiving a good education and feeling supported. 

This is more difficult in regional environments. There are very limited school choices, and leaving a school may cause further tension in your social circles or community. The good news is that with the rise of the internet there is now a range of exceptional online high schools that students can access. Combined with local extracurricular activities such as sports or music, this may be the perfect option for your child.


Your child stops developing

If your child is showing regression in their development, whether it’s academically or socially, or their handling of incidents and events, it may be a good reason to switch schools. This could be due to the lack of challenges being presented at the current school or a negative influence from peers.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason, but it’s important to find out and ensure your child is receiving what they need to continue growing and developing as a person.


You’ve exhausted all options

Sometimes it becomes clear that you’ve tried everything within your power to make the current school work for your child, but nothing has been successful. It may be time to consider a fresh start at a new school where they can thrive and feel happy again.



Ultimately, it’s important to consider the overall well-being of your child. While switching schools may seem like a daunting task, it could potentially have a positive impact on your child’s development and happiness. It’s worth exploring all options to ensure they receive the best education and support possible.


If you’re looking for further support as a parent then we invite you to explore our parental guidance resources.

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