Junior Leader Program

Military-style boot camp for kids & teens

The Junior Leader Program is designed to support children struggling with self-esteem, lack of respect, poor behaviours and technology addiction. With key lessons in values and work ethic, our programs are also great for all kids looking to challenge themselves – all while accomplishing something they might have never thought possible.

Our programs are developed by Defence Force veterans who have experienced the impact of military-style training on behaviour and perspective. Using skills acquired in the Australian Defence Force, our veterans instil essential values that help participants forge successful life paths.

While many participants attend as the result of poor behaviours, all kids can have a productive and life-changing experience.

They’ll also have a ball participating in outdoor activities and team challenges that teach valuable lessons; primarily, what it means to be courageous, resilient and respectful. 

Armed with these experiences, our Junior Leaders learn the value of respect and the importance of courage for achieving personal goals. They’ll also learn other valuable lessons, including:

  • Why initiative is vital to overcoming challenges before they become insurmountable
  • How working as a team is more effective than going solo
  • That integrity should underpin everything that they do. 

Using these skills as a roadmap for life, your child will be able to successfully tackle challenges of all shapes and sizes and have the ability to do so with confidence – whether at school, at home, in social circles and beyond.


Yandina, QLD

Includes Parent Workshop for 2 people.


Yandina, QLD

Includes Parent Workshop for 2 people

 $6,000 $5,500 Early Bird Rate 

Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Includes Parent Workshop for 2 people

 $6,000 $5,500 Early Bird Rate 

Yandina, QLD

Includes Parent Workshop for 2 people.

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What is the Junior Leader Program? Watch this video to find out.

Graduation Day on the Junior Leader Program

Boot camp for kids

 Key learning outcomes


Respect for self, respect for others and respect for country is key. Participants will understand that respect is earned through hard work and why it's important to have a moral compass that doesn’t sway.


Resilience is the ability to stay balanced or to deal with and recover from adversity. From the very beginning of the program, participants will have their creature comforts taken away from them such as phones, television and computer games.


Courage will be tested many times throughout our 9-day program. Public speaking, high ropes, camping out under the stars and jumping out of a plane at 12,000 thousand feet are just some examples.


Without honesty there is no trust, and without trust comes loneliness. Here at Veteran Mentors, we are a team. For that team to reach great heights, each member is taught the importance of honesty at an early stage. With this personality trait, leaders are born.

Team work

Teamwork is essential in just about every aspect of our life, whether that be at home, school, playing sport or in the workforce. Just about every aspect of our program involves teamwork.


Participants will be conditioned to seek additional tasks and complete with haste and minimal guidance. Without initiative, we will always be wasting time waiting for orders and tasks.

Boot Camp for Kids making beds


Some of the activities involved in our military camps for kids and teens include: physical training and nutritional education, making beds, polishing their boots, ironing their uniform, cleaning their barracks, and marching. These might seem like menial tasks, however by placing importance on them and creating a routine that involves pride in workmanship and exercise, we can help to carry on these routines after a program has finished.

In addition to these tasks, our attendees will also have a ball participating in: climbing rock walls, abseiling, a high ropes course, an Army-style obstacle course, survival training and a tandem parachute jump from 12,000ft.


Our youth military programs are primarily conducted in Queensland. However, we encourage children from all over Australia and the world to participate. We also run various programs interstate.

To make it easier, we only ask parents to get their child to the local Airport on the first day of the course; we will provide transport between the airport and the program location. Attendees will be supplied with bunk bed accommodation, access to amenities and all their meals during their stay with us.

Boot Camp for Kids accommodation
boot camp for kids location


Veteran Mentors programs are run at purpose-built, student school camp facilities around Australia. These areas are chosen for their natural surrounds, isolation from distractions and vicinity to natural waterfalls and bushlands.

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