How to beat technology addiction

Why are kids addicted to technology?

Did you know that the average person looks at their phone between 50 – 150 times a day? That’s an average of around 4-6 hours spent in front of a tiny screen. When we take a look at these figures, it’s no wonder that our children are exhibiting anti-social behaviours at school and at home. But why do we spend so much time on screens when we know it to be poor for our health?

Devices and other digital platforms are designed in a way that keeps us wanting more, even NEEDING more. Corporations have realised the potential to deliver notifications 24/7 and the earnings possible from advertising to you. It’s beneficial to companies to continue to develop their platforms in a way that encourages unhealthy attachment.

By creating these attachments, companies are given more chances to dish up advertising and therefore more chances of cashing-in off users.

Unfortunately, though, it’s our children who really suffer from these attachments.

How to beat technology addiction

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how to beat technology addiction

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