Military Camp Myths

Military schools, wilderness camps and boot camps often come with their fair share of scepticism from worried parents, families and caretakers alike. Today, we’re going to put your worries to rest by debunking some of the most common military camp myths you may come across when considering whether our Junior Leader Program is right for you and your teen.

Through meticulous attention and unsurpassed accountability, we offer one of Australia’s most highly recommended teenage leadership programs resulting in hundreds of success stories throughout the Gold Coast and beyond. Learn more with our break down of myths versus truth.

There is No Accountability, Regulation or Accreditation

One of the most common concerns among parents is the level of training – or lack thereof – of the people overseeing their teen during their stay. At Veteran Mentors, we ensure every one of our instructors holds a blue card and have gone through thorough police checks. In addition, all of our instructors hold a first-aid certificate and are qualified personal trainers. All of our programs are led by leading Australian Defence Force veterans, ensuring quality training and trustworthy ideals.

They Will Be Brainwashed

It’s important to note that your child will never be brainwashed into becoming someone they are not. Rather, we focus on the 6 core principles of Respect, Courage, Teamwork, Resilience, Honesty and Initiative to teach them the skills they need to be more successful at home, at school, in their social life, and in the real world for the long term.

They Will Not Receive Adequate Supervision

Every one of our courses includes a qualified child councillor, which your teen can meet with as often as they like. In addition, there is a qualified medic on staff to administer any medications your teen may require, and children are supervised at all times – including night time – at a ratio of 2-3 staff members per 12 participants.

Only Military Concepts Are Emphasised

Though our course has the benefit of lasting 9 days, as opposed to long term military schools and wilderness camps, a major myth is that these types of courses only emphasise military training. At Veteran Mentors, we work hard to combine academics and principles attained in the military and apply them to broader situations that will stick with your teen for life.

Your Teen Will Endure Abuse

While military schools and boot camps for ‘troubled teens’ have an unfortunate reputation of employing disgruntled officers who abuse their power, our tactics include absolutely none of this. In the case of your teen being disciplined, we will simply retrain them, keeping in mind each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, your teen will not be forced to participate in every activity if they do not wish to do so. While the risk of injury is always present due to the physical portion of our program, neglect and abuse are two concerns you and your teen will never have to face under our care.

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