Inside Story: Junior Leader Program

This month, we’d like to shine a light on one of our recent program participants and deserving recipient of our latest merit award on the Junior Leader Program – Jaxon.

In collaboration with Palm Beach Currumbin State High School, the Veteran Mentors were thrilled to present Jaxon with a scholarship to our Junior Leader Program. This deserving young man demonstrated his willingness & eagerness to push himself to the next level, proving himself more than worthy of the opportunity.

Throughout his time with the Veteran Mentors, Jaxon continued to highlight his dedication to self-improvement and desire to operate outside his comfort zone.

After completing the program, we sat down with Jaxon to find out a bit more about what motivated him to come on our camp, what he learnt and what advice he could pass on to future participants.

Q: Why did you apply for the Junior Leader Program?

A: The reason I wanted to apply was because the camp looks like a great way to increase mental and physical toughness through intensive training which also looked quite appealing and fun.

I was offered, through Palm Beach Currumbin State High, a scholarship to participate on the camp. This was an incredible opportunity that I am grateful for.

Q: What was the biggest take away from the program?

A: The biggest takeaway from the program would have to be how to effectively deal with stress and how much I have improved my mental resilience.

The camp pushed me to my limits but also gave practical ways in which to deal with stress, and in doing so has given me the resilience, both physically and mentally, to push through tough situations which is a skill which will stay with me forever.

Q: If you could give some advice to future program participants, what would it be?

A: Some advice would be to really take in the lessons and to never let your section down. All the lessons are extremely relevant to us and how we approach life and these lessons most definitely will help. Therefore, listening and taking in the information given would be a good start.

Also, not letting your section down really builds a bond with them and can easily lead you all to have a good friendship as well as good teamwork and improved communication.

Jaxon is one of the many extraordinary kids we’ve had the pleasure of working with on our Junior Leadership Program. To learn more about what we do and how we can help, head to our programs page here.  

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