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Supporting the wellbeing of students and families

As you know, the mental health of our students is at extreme risk right now. Many students are experiencing heightened anxiety due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Add to that, the move to remote learning which deprives students of the emotional and social needs that are met by attending school. The major life disruptions occurring to students and their families adds another source for distress.

This has motivated Professor Lea Waters, PhD, leading expert in the field of Positive Education to put together the following three sets of free e-wellbeing resources to distribute.


For students:

An e-booklet of 12 x e-wellbeing activities to run in virtual classrooms based upon Lea’s published, evidence-based, SEARCH framework for positive education. The remote activities delivered online by teachers are designed to bolster students’:
– Strengths
– Emotional Management
– Attention and Awareness
– Relationships
– Coping
– Habits and Goals


For families:

Family handout with 20+ activities that parents can run at home with their kids based upon the SEARCH framework.


For everyone:

A series of videos developed by Lea in partnership with the Guardian Newspaper on how to navigate Coronavirus with positivity. Topics include:
– Savouring.
– Gratitude.
– Mindfulness.
– Kindness.
– Cabin Fever.


These free resources have been pulled together from Lea’s other e-wellbeing resources including her VWB e-program, virtual character strengths cards, the Strength Stars downloadable framework and online Strength Switch parenting course.

Each of these e-resources can inject positivity in your classrooms and families during this period of remote learning and family lockdown.

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