Youth mentoring programs for kids and teens

Does your child struggle with self-esteem, motivation, technology addictions or lack of respect for others?

You might be thinking that the only solution to these problems is formal counselling. While effective in many circumstances, this route can be costly and time-consuming, not to mention unappealing to many kids. 

If your kids are experiencing difficulties in life, enrolling them in a youth mentoring program might be the best decision you have ever made.


What is youth mentoring?

Youth mentoring involves the guidance and support of experienced mentors that conduct exercise sessions, mentoring sessions and productive task sessions in order to instil confidence, motivation and accountability.

This is done by providing young children and teens with an experienced role model/ mentor to establish a trusting relationship that ultimately instils empowerment in the child’s life.

Youth mentoring programs can be flexible in order to offer the child the help they need most. These needs are determined by the child’s parents and what skills they see as the most beneficial for improving their child’s development. 

Sessions with a youth mentor can involve a mix of useful life skills such as exercise, mentoring and completing productive tasks (i.e. gardening, lawn mowing, shopping for groceries). 


What are the benefits of mentoring programs for youth?

A well thought out youth mentoring program aims to deliver a number of critical life skills including:

  • The importance of maintaining a physical lifestyle and that provides growing kids with a plethora of mental and physical benefits
  • The ability to carry out everyday life tasks such as paying bills, sending mail, meal prepping and shopping for groceries
  • Instilling confidence needed to mentally prepare for job applications and undertaking interviews
  • Guidance on dealing with difficult situations like family dilemmas and relationship problems
  • Goal setting and planning ways to achieve them
  • A clearer focus in life 

One-on-one youth mentoring programs are specifically designed to relieve parents from the difficult and often strenuous task of making these changes in their children’s lives.

A number of research articles suggest that just some of the benefits of mentoring at risk youth were that they were:

  • More likely to reach out for help when they felt they needed it
  • More likely to feel confident in their future and career path
  • More likely to see themselves in a better light and have improved self-esteem
  • Less likely to use drugs or alcohol


Information about youth mentoring programs

Youth mentoring programs have been proven to be effective in instilling positive changes in difficult children and teens.

Veteran Mentors found there was a significant need for assisting children to become more accountable, break their addictions to technology and propel youth to reach their fullest potential.

With their experience serving in the Australian Defence Force, the Veteran Mentors called upon their military and training experience, knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition and passion to help the youth of Australia to reach their full potential, the Veteran Mentors youth mentors program was founded.

If you are ready to make positive changes in your child’s life, reach out to the team at Veteran Mentors and transform your kids’ lives for the better.

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