Meet Cristos

It’s transformations like this that make every day so fulfilling for us at Veteran Mentors.

Through our modified program, we’ve created a camp that not only educates kids but transforms the way they think and how they view the world.



“I am writing to thank the VM team and their efforts with our son Cristos.

We enrolled Cristos with the intention that your program would further entrench his regimented lifestyle, enhance his mental strength, push his physical strength and fitness to new levels, develop leadership skills and help harness stressful situations in a more positive way as he enters his first year of high school this year.

We brought home from camp a polite, bright, well-mannered, respectful and active boy who enjoys attending school and is more than helpful around the home with chores and helping his younger siblings at any given time he is called upon. (In our opinion, a near-perfect child).

After nine long days, our son returned home from camp, very tired, accomplished but there was something different about Cristos we could not yet work out.

a week later Cristos lost his grandfather who had been fighting pancreatic cancer for the past 12 months and it was also his first week of high school as he was commencing year 7.

We knew this was too much stress for any 12-year-old to cope with so we closely comforted and monitored our son over the next month with the support of his school as we believed that at some point our son would break.

The day of my father’s funeral, Cristos was courageous enough to deliver a powerful and moving eulogy on behalf of our family as it was Cristos who said. “The eldest grandchild should read the eulogy”. All the funeral attendees commented on the strength and resilience that our son had shown during the reading.

Cristos adapted to high school effortlessly and within his first month received numerous merits for class engagement and academic achievement.

It was now apparent what the difference was in our son post-camp…

He was mentally stronger, courageous, resilient and more positive in dealing with stress and anxiety within the personal challenges he was recently faced with.

We dropped a well-rounded boy to your camp, and when he returned after the 9 days, our boy matured into a well-rounded young teenager ready to face any challenge that may lay ahead.

I would not hesitate in recommending your program to friends and family and will be sure to send our other boys in the near future.”



We’re so thrilled to hear about the positive changes in Cristos and so proud to hear how he is continuing on being the best version of himself! 

If your child is lacking confidence, dealing with stress or anxiety or maybe they’re just looking for their next personal development challenge, consider enrolling them in our Junior Leader Program.

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