Tyler’s Progress Post Junior Leader Program

Kirsty is the mother of recent JLP participant, Tyler, and has been kind enough to share her experience with Tyler since his return from our camp. We couldn’t be more proud to hear of Tyler’s incredible progress, and appreciative of Kirsty’s kind words.



I would like to start with saying THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking your time with Tyler and giving him direction and skills to move forward with.

Tyler returned home with a positive attitude, better respect to others, goals and confidence.

One main thing he wanted to do after camp was return to school, and his words, “sort out his friends”. Tyler did this with some hiccups and backlash from his friends, however, did not stop him from having the courage to stay strong to what he wanted. I received feedback from his deputy that he had made some great new friends.

Tyler has stepped up his fitness, which is fantastic. Tyler is also speaking up and expressing himself and feelings more, which is fantastic!

Tyler has also been giving me tips on ways to deal with his sister Dakota, her attitude and respect, guess what they work! He is also showing her better ways. Who would of thought… I’d be taking parenting tips from my son.

My main reason for sending Tyler to Veteran Mentors was to build his confidence as he was lacking this after his AVM. Tyler has overcome many things in life from learning to walk, read and write along with many other things again. 

Tyler has also suffered with losing his best mate James and watching me battle Breast Cancer and knowing my odds weren’t good. All very traumatic for a young growing man.

Aaron, what you did was beyond amazing. You returned me with a child that has more confidence, better manners, and more respect, an all-out different boy. I feel like I have my boy back and enjoy those hugs I’m receiving every morning.

Tyler would love the opportunity to be a junior mentor on programs to help assist other struggling children, as well as possibly doing the camp again for himself.

Aaron, keep smashing your goals with these kids they all will be thanking you deep down even if they don’t say it.

Once again thank you.


Kirsty C.

Corrective Services.

Lithgow Correctional Centre.

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