Meet Wyle. Black and white photograph of Wyle playing the electric guitar in his band.

Meet Wyle

Meet Wyle, one of the most promising young men to come out of the Junior Leader Program. Find out more about Wyle, his journey and how the Veteran Mentors boot camps for kids transformed his life for the better.  

“My name’s Wyle Hill, I’m 17 years old and live in the Sunny Coast, Australia. Today, I’m here to tell you a bit about myself and what the Veteran Mentors Junior Leadership Program did for me and how it completely changed my life.”

“Around 3 years ago I was having a rough time not only home and school but just figuring out who I was. I was lacking self-confidence and respect for my friends’, peers and especially myself. 

“When my parents made the decision to enrol me in the Veteran Mentors program I had no idea what I was in for.”

“My first day in the program was definitely a shock. Being somewhere completely new, surrounded by strangers and being told I would be here for the next nine days with no contact home was scary and hard to take in at first.”

“The hard personal training and limited time are given to fulfil tasks made home life seem easy and by day three I started to realise I’m not going anywhere and I might as well enjoy and learn from this experience.”

“Day by day, I started to enjoy the experience more and began to bond with the boys in my section. 

“The harder we worked the better we felt because we were working for each other as a team and that’s when I realised that my current mindset before the camp was so wrong.”

“The Veteran Mentors not only made me feel a million bucks but made me appreciate what I already have and helped me to see how much potential I had to do good things in life!”

“It’s now been three years since my experience and I’ve been invited back to work as a Junior Mentor in their program.”

“It’s an absolute honour to work with a bunch of amazing and positive humans that are always motivating me every time I go back, even on the staff side.”

“Currently, I play in a band with my mates, perform at venues around Brisbane and I just bought my first car!”

“When I think about everything I have achieved in the past three years, I don’t think I could have done any of it without the Veteran Mentors. They changed my life and continue to help me improve every time I go back.”

“So, thank you to all of the Veteran Mentors leaders. I strongly recommend this program for any kid no matter what!”

“It’s a game-changer.”

Just as Wyle explains, the Veteran Mentors Junior Leader Program is a challenging yet effective program that helps to instil essential life values in a fun and active environment. 

If you think your child could benefit from a life-changing program like the Veteran Mentors Junior Leader Program, get in touch with us today and book a spot in our boot camps for kids.

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