What kind of change is possible? Meet Levi

Meet Levi, one of our most inspiring graduates from the Veteran Mentors boot camp for kids.

“My name Is Levi Bellette and I went to Veteran Mentors in 2019.

I wasn’t in a good place at home with my parents, I showed no respect for them, and I was self-absorbed.

I was sneaking out continuously and going to parties and getting up to no good.

I wasn’t doing any schoolwork, and I was getting horrible grades and wasn’t passing Maths.

I didn’t care about what the consequences might be, and I didn’t care or even think how my parents might have felt.

My parents were at their wits’ ends with me, so they decided to send me to the Veteran Mentors Camp.

I didn’t try to stop them because I knew that what I was doing was bad and guilt was hanging over me.

I wanted to make things rights, so my consequence was to pay for the camp out of my own pocket and to attend the camp, I just knew that I would come out a better person.

The core values that I learnt while I attended this camp was respect, gratitude, mental resilience and leadership.

The main value was respect – I no longer wanted to sneak out, I didn’t want to disrespect my parents and I thought before I acted, instead of just acting.

Over the nine days, I had a lot of time to reflect on my past and look at what I can do better.

The reflection helped me realise how rude and disrespectful I had been towards my family and even disrespecting myself.

18 months later and I have started my own mowing and gardening business, resigning from my other two jobs to focus on getting my business up and running.

I now have two mowers, two whipper snippers, a blower, a trailer and a ute.

After the Veteran Mentors camp, I applied for the Australian Defence Force last year.

I moved onto the Assessment Day stage where I was deemed unfit for two years because of sleepwalking, which absolutely destroyed me, but I am going to appeal the decision.

Veteran Mentors is a great camp, and I highly recommend it to bring kids back down to Earth and help them to realise what they have been doing and they want to try to fix it.”


You can tell the Veteran Mentors boot camp for kids had a life-changing effect on Levi.

Just look at his successful gardening business story recently covered by Seven News.

Like Levi says, if you have a son or daughter than needs to be brought back down the Earth, Veteran Mentors boot camp for kids is the place for them.

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