What kind of change is possible post Junior Leader Program?

Today we’d like to take the opportunity to showcase an incredible transformation seen in an equally incredible young man – Jay. As a recent attendee of the Junior Leadership Program and winner of our Most Improved award, Jay astounded all with his ability to tackle an array of challenges presented throughout the program and use these experiences to better inform his mentality, behaviours and decision making.

As a parent, Jay’s father Tim admitted that watching his son slowly withdrawing from the world was emotionally devastating – even trying many clinical treatments without much of a response. After exhausting a range of avenues, Jay’s parents decided to give the Junior Leadership Program some thought and were on board within minutes of chatting with our Vets, Troy and Glen.

Before the program, Jay confessed to being scared of the world, suffering from anxiety and lacking the motivation to propel him through everyday life. Consequently, Jay admitted that he definitely wasn’t prepared, either mentally or physically, for the challenges presented to him but that he made a conscious decision to tackle them head-on.

By the final day, the magnitude of Jay’s transformation had become truly apparent with every word he spoke. This is a young man who was seriously lacking self-assurance and drive, now walking around with the confidence of a new man and the motivation to take control of his life.

“I came out of the program feeling like a new person – more motivated, less anxious and scared of the world and just ready to take it head-on. I loved this program and would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with getting their child on their feet,” Jay explained.

Jay’s mum Kelly also commented on the tremendous change she has seen in her son. “The challenges, the discipline and the things you teach give them the tools to recognise their potential and we thank you for that. It sounds like the kids from the September program have really come out of it with a better outlook on life.”

Since returning home, Jay has been actively seeking full-time work and in the meantime, has been volunteering at a local primary school two days a week. He has also continued regular personal training sessions and maintained a rigorous riding schedule to keep himself on track. Jay has even voiced his fondness of the mentoring group and expressed his interest in an employed position amongst our ranks at the Veteran Mentors.

So what is the Junior Leadership Program all about? With their military background and armed with the lessons derived from operational deployments, the Veteran Mentors have developed a 9-day intensive program for high school teenagers aged 12-17 years old, that is designed to enhance participants’ lives by providing them with the tools they need to achieve success at any given task.

With the skills taught on our program, your child will learn how important it is to respect loved ones, have the courage to follow their dreams, demonstrate the initiative required to fix problems before they become a disaster, use teamwork to overcome obstacles and understand that without integrity, none of these things are possible. Your child will learn to become a leader and will use these skills at home and continue into the workforce.

If your child is struggling with respect, resilience or courage, give them the experience of a lifetime with the Veteran Mentors Junior Leadership Program where they will learn many of the life skills needed to forge into a successful adulthood. For more info on our next program, get in touch today.

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  • Kim Barrie
    Posted at 18:23h, 09 January

    My nephew whom was a quiet kid did army cadets and at 18 joined the reserves. He said that he went in a boy and came out a man. My daughters boyfriend is in the raaf and the way he shows respect, love for his family and now my daughter is so amazing. I strongly recommend families consider this program if their child just needs help with direction in their life. Finishing school can be suc an anticlimax so giving them confidence to take on their next challenge in life.