How to entertain kids at home during isolation

In self-isolation, there is a lot of down time and with it comes boredom – especially for kids. Beat cabin fever with plenty of ideas on how to entertain kids at home.

How to entertain kids at home

Go to the Zoo

Thanks to Edinburgh Zoo, your kids can get right up close from the comfort of your living room. Keep your kids busy with live streams straight from the Panda Cam, Tiger Cam, Penguin Cam, and Koala Cam


Get the kids working on their creativity skills and have a painting day. Your kids can watch free YouTube tutorials or have a go at their own abstract piece.

You never know you could have the next Picasso in your midst.


Teach your kids some skills they’ll keep for life and get them cooking in the kitchen. You might show them the perfect way to poach an egg or have a Masterchef cook-off competition and see who can serve the best meal.

There are so many things you can try in the kitchen and you and your kids earn the reward of a full fridge stocked with plenty of tasty meals.

Board games and puzzles

Dust off those old board games and puzzles and play a few games together. 

Board games and puzzles are great for mental stimulation so your kids’ minds are kept active while they stay indoors.

Reading books

Another way to keep your kids mentally stimulated is through reading books. 

Science fiction books are great for their imagination and fiction books are great for educating them on certain topics.

Give them free rein on this, both aspects are important in their development and it will help them discover their passions.

Getting active 

Staying indoors doesn’t mean your kids can’t be active. Staying active during their development phase is vital.

Work on their physical health with an indoor bowling alley, a mini gym, or get creative and make your own version of a ping pong table and paddles.

If you have a backyard – get them outside to have a kick of a ball or play catch.

Wii games are also a fun and interactive way to stay active indoors. 

DIY Pictionary

Pictionary is the ultimate game for families. 

Simply write down a bunch of things to draw (places, people, animals, objects, actions and difficult ideas), put them in a hat and split into teams.

Not only does Pictionary bring the family together, but it also keeps kid’s brains switched on and lets them be creative with their drawings.

Beat the boredom

Stay at home and keep your family safe during these uncertain times. 

Try to limit your kid’s screen time and keep them mentally and physically active.

For even more free activities your kids can do from home check out the Chatterpack list

With all of these activities, you’ll be sure to know how to entertain the kids at home!

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