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How to build self-esteem in kids

Caring for a child means helping them grow, learn and change, but parenting a child with low self-esteem can feel like an added challenge. It can be difficult to know how to build self-esteem in kids or what causes low self-esteem issues in the first place. Occasionally, it might be easy to see the signs of low self-esteem, but sometimes, a child battling low self-esteem may be less obvious.

Here, we will explain why self-esteem is important, what can cause issues with self-esteem, and how you can identify low self-esteem. We will also look at how you can parent a child with low self-esteem to help them be happier and more confident.

Why is self-esteem so important?

A confident child who is secure in their own sense of self is more likely to cope with the challenges of daily life and feel that they can pursue their goals. This allows them to become more successful in both their early life and their future. Meanwhile, poor self-esteem can cause them difficulties to stand up for themselves, and they may struggle to join in social activities.

Building self-esteem in kids early can help them to have the correct tools to cope and thrive later in life.

What causes low self-esteem issues?

A range of factors can cause poor self-esteem in children. Just come causes include:

  • An unstable home environment
  • Parents or other authority figures or peers being overly critical of them
  • Poor academic performance


Low self-esteem traits: how to identify it

Low self-esteem traits might not be easy to spot, but there are ways to identify them. For example, you may notice that your child lacks confidence and expresses doubt over their own ability. They may believe they are not ‘as good’ as another child, and you might hear them being extremely self-critical or focusing on past events where they performed poorly rather than well.

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Parenting a child with low self-esteem

If you are a parent, you will wonder how to help kids with low self-esteem. It is possible to learn how to overcome low self-esteem issues and help your child to thrive – one way is by banning hard criticism within your home environment and speaking with teachers who are harshly critical of your child. Providing a child with a completely stable home and learning environment may take time, but this is one of the best tools for dealing with a child with low self-esteem.

It’s also essential that you make time to teach your child how to do things, rather than doing it for them so they feel proud of their own achievements. By focusing on your child’s strengths, and providing praise for times they do well or make an effort can make a huge difference in their self-esteem. 

Building self-esteem in kids can be a job in itself. That’s why at Veteran Mentors, we run a 9-day Junior Leader Program that focuses on supporting children struggling with self-esteem, lack of respect, poor behaviours and technology addiction. With key lessons in values and work ethic, our programs are also great for all kids looking to challenge themselves – all while accomplishing something they might have never thought possible.

Find out more about our program, and the many benefits it could provide your child as they navigate through their young life.


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