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How to be a good role model

Positive role models are essential in a child’s development. Read on to learn how to be a good role model for those who look up to you.


What is a role model?

A role model is somebody whose behaviour is imitated by others. Therefore, a role model can have a positive or negative effect on those who look up to them. 

A positive role model is generally a parent, a guardian, a famous person or a friend, or, anybody who sets a positive example for somebody else. An attribute of a positive role model is having the ability to distinguish between good and bad decisions, and in doing so, inspire people to live meaningful lives.

However, not all role models are positive, at least not 100% of the time. Sometimes a positive role model might make a poor judgement or engage in unacceptable behaviour. For example, positive role models for teens are typically sports players or celebrities. 

After all, roles models are only human. No matter who may be a role model for your child, you will always be a role model, and therefore have the power to control your influence. 


How to be a positive role model

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

We all know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps us stay mentally and physically sharp. Focus your efforts on eating well, exercising regularly and socialising in a way that you would like your child to grow up doing. 

As a positive role model, you must lead by example. If you do not lead what would normally be considered a healthy lifestyle, make it your mission to turn things around, and let your family hold you accountable. When you persevere and are able to make a healthy change in your life, those who look up to you should find inspiration in this and hold a higher opinion of you for doing so. 


2. Exercise self-control

We’re all human, and we all have temptations. Whether it be a few glasses of wine at night, sugary snacks, or smoking regularly, finding relief in unhealthy habits tells your children it’s okay for them to do so too. 

Exercising self-control as much as practicable, particularly in front of your children, will help them learn healthy habits from unhealthy ones. The less often they see you giving into temptations, the less likely they will allow themselves as they mature. 


3. Show respect and be attentive

Showing respect for those around you, and actively paying attention when engaging with somebody are two of the most important characteristics of an effective leader. 

So, when it comes to having discussions with your kids, it’s important that you listen intentionally. In doing so, you show them respect for their unique thoughts, and you respond after hearing all that they have to say. In turn, they should do the same. 


How can you become a positive role model?

If you feel you need guidance in how to be a good role model for your children, you may find value in seeking help from professionals. 

At Veteran Mentors, our mission is to help leaders lead. That’s why we run Parental Guidance Workshops. This full-day workshop involves theory and group discussions to allow you to explore your own strengths and constraints and identify ways to capitalise on your strengths and manage your constraints. Please note, this workshop is only suitable for parents or parental figures who live with children at home. 

Head to our Parental Guidance Workshops page to find out more and register for upcoming workshops in your area.


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