Healthy family relationships: ways to promote peace at home

After spending months in lockdown, family conflict can seem unavoidable.

However, in times like these, it is more important than ever to focus on relationship problems in order to maintain a healthy home life. 

This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with ways to promote peace at home so you and your family can better enjoy each other’s company.


Tips for healthy relationships with your children

Almost all families will experience conflict at some stage.

It’s important to know that family dynamics can be complicated and frustrating at times. However, there are a few tips you can follow to encourage a happier home life. 

Firstly, your children are still physically developing and are likely to be experiencing changes in their mental health during these development stages.

It’s important to remain calm and practice these strategies to maintain healthy relationships within the home.

  • Set a good example and be compassionate towards your children, your family and to those around you.
  • Be clear and consistent about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable within the home.
  • Give praise to your children when they engage in positive behaviours like completing chores without being asked.
  • Try to spend time together and organise regular activities. This could be a games night once a week, eating meals together and maintaining a routine.
  • Educate yourself on your child’s development so you can better understand what they are experiencing and better understand symptoms of mental health.
  • Be conscious of your child’s activities, particularly their online activities. Be aware of cyberbullying and how to combat it as well as keeping your kids safe online.


Kids and family conflict

As your children enter their early teenage years, their needs will change with them. 

Here are just some things to consider when promoting peace at home with kids and  teenagers:

  • They will require more independence in order to mature into young adults.
  • They may need guidance for healthy outlets to release frustration they may experience when they hit puberty.
  • You should approach important conversations (like enforcing boundaries, reprimanding bad behaviour, and discussing puberty) in an unobtrusive and non-judgemental manner. Make sure you prepare yourself for these conversations and approach them as calmly as possible.


A happy family starts with you

If you are having trouble making peace with family members, you should consider whether you are making peace with yourself. 

If you are run down, stressed or frustrated, the likelihood of maintaining healthy relationships will certainly diminish.

Practice self-love and spending time on yourself so you can better combat relationship problems with a healthy outlook and a calm approach.


Junior Leader Program

If you find these suggested ways to promote peace at home are still ineffective in creating a healthy home life, you might want to consider the Junior Leader Program – our boot camp for kids.

The Junior Leader Program is specifically designed to encourage positive changes in children with lack of respect, poor behaviours, technology addiction and who might be struggling with their self-esteem.

To find out more about the effectiveness of our Junior Leader Program, speak to us today.


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