Choose health

Choose health

Most people associate exercise with weight, physical appearance and cardiovascular health. What many people don’t realise is that exercise has countless hidden benefits, with the primary one being a positive impact and clarity when it comes to decision making.

Latest research has shown that exercise increases brain function, no matter the intensity of movement. Devising an exercise routine such as joining a local sporting club, daily outdoors walks or joining a gym have proven to increase mental stability and improve decision making. Below are some of the key reasons exercise and a positive approach to health and wellbeing can improve decision making.

1. Health and fitness reduces stress

A key factor that can cloud decision making is stress. It is difficult to make a formative decision when the mind is foggy. Fitness increases norepinephrine, which is a chemical that can moderate how a brain responds to stress. Exercises such as yoga or high intense cardio routines will help to reduce stress.

2. Fitness promotes positive chemicals

Fitness and health is worth the effort and is known to promote feelings of euphoria. Studies have shown that the ‘happy’ chemicals that exercise can release may alleviate anxiety or depression which are two of the biggest hindrances that can affect making a clear decision. Cycling, dancing, running or swimming are just a few of the exercises that have shown to promote endorphins.

3. Happy body = happy you

It is a no-brainer that being fit and healthy will make a person feel better about themselves. Self-confidence allows a person to approach a situation or situation with clarity and confidence. Taking one hour per day to focus on health, both inside and out, through fitness will build a better you.

4. Be one with nature

Being outside can calm one’s mentality. Many health and fitness exercises require outdoor activities and fresh air and vitamin D work closely together to calm nerves and increase mental clarity. Outdoor exercise such as bushwalking or rowing moves the body in different ways than indoor exercise. The physical challenge will be felt and you will feel you have accomplished something.

5. Health and fitness boost brainpower

Numerous pieces of clinical research has shown that exercise can create new brain cells. What better way to approach a life changing decision that to have extra power in your mind.

6. It’s great for memory

People who lead a healthy lifestyle don’t often to succumb to lifestyle factors such as drugs or alcohol that can affect memory. High-intensity exercise increases hippocampus cells which directly relate to memory functionality. Regular exercise such as swimming has shown to reduce the onset of memory loss diseases later in life.

Health and fitness is a key way to not only feel confident in one’s own skin, but to also approach life decisions clearly. Those who feel physically fit and healthy will not only deter away from poor life choices, but they will also inspire others to lead similar lives.

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