11 ways troubled teenagers benefit from military-inspired programs

11 ways troubled teenagers benefit from military-inspired programs

Military-inspired techniques have been used for centuries to instil self-discipline. So, it’s no surprise that these methods can be highly effective in correcting behavioural issues and shaping respectful, resilient youth.

Led by a team of experienced and dedicated men and women, military-inspired programs give children and teenagers the tools they need to be successful in everyday life. Their method? Using rigorous physical training and military-style drills to push participants to their physical limits.

In April 2016, an article published by the Daily Telegraph describes the military camp experience from the viewpoints of both the staff and the participants. The report found that, while results are subjective, many troubled children and teenagers benefitted from these programs in a variety of ways, primarily by learning:

1. How to establish healthy routines
2. Important life skills and values, such as respect, self-discipline, and honesty
3. How to achieve their goals through concentration and patience
4. What a positive role model looks like

Most encouraging was the positive feedback received from several of the participants, which included both boys and girls ranging in age from 11 to 16. In expressing their opinions on boot camp, they found the most value in:

5. Making new friends
6. Using exercise and physical activity as a positive outlet
7. Boosting confidence
8. Appreciating their families

In December 2015, another article published by the Chronicle also found that military-inspired programs to be an effective solution, citing that at-risk youth benefit by:

9. Gaining a new perspective on life by being removed from their comfort zones
10. Learning how to make good decisions and think for themselves
11. Being taught effective conflict resolution and communication techniques

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