Speaking Teen Workshop

Communicate with your teen beyond words

Everybody raising a child wants to share an authentic connection with them.

They want their teen to open up, share honestly, and never feel like they have to deal with problems on their own.

Teens are also looking for support, encouragement, and someone who will truly understand the challenges they face.

The problem is, communication between parents/carers and teens can often become one-sided, emotional, reactive and damaging.

Slammed doors, raised voices, hurtful accusations, rebellious behaviours, anxiety, depression, and becoming socially withdrawn- these are all signs of deeper issues in the way you’re relating to your child.

Having worked with hundreds of teens and their families to overcome behavioural and relational blocks, the Veteran Mentors team is launching Speaking Teen to help.

What is the Speaking Teen Workshop?

Speaking Teen is a 2-day group workshop for anyone raising a teen who wants to:

  • Form deeper, stronger connections
  • Create a more peaceful home environment
  • Develop mutual understanding and respect
  • Resolve and diffuse conflict and arguments
  • Build a stronger, lifelong relationship
  • Make a safe space for authentic conversation

Our teachings are based on the world-renowned Non-Violent Communication process developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.

When & Where

  • 19-20th November 2022 – Gold Coast, QLD
  • 11-12th February 2023 – Sydney, NSW
  • 3-4th June 2023 – Gold Coast, QLD
  • Workshops run from 9am – 5pm each day
  • Final venue details will be sent to attendees 1 week before the workshop

Other Details

  • We welcome parents, grandparents, foster parents, close relatives, role models, mentors, and primary carers of teens to attend
  • While we encourage teens to attend the workshop with their parent/carer, it’s not compulsory
  • Participants are capped at 20 per workshop to ensure the best experience
  • Morning tea and lunch are catered for
  • Bring a partner or friend for 50% off their entry
  • Teens may attend free with their parent/carer

Limited places. Secure your spot for the next  Speaking Teen Workshop