Parent / Guardian Consent and Waiver

(Required for all participants under eighteen years of age)

I the Parent / Guardian of the Participant named above acknowledge that the Services offered by Veteran Mentors (“Company”) fall within the ambit of “Recreational Services” as described in Section 139A of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (hereinafter referred to as CCA) and the operation of this binding waiver excludes consumer guarantees that would otherwise be available under section 64 and 64A of CCA.

“Activities” – any reference to the term activities includes but is not limited to: hiking, physical fitness training, swimming, climbing or any other activity that is conducted during the 1 on 1 mentoring session.

Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk

I understand and accept that the Participant will be engaging in strenuous physical activities during the mentoring sessions offered by the Company. I acknowledge that such activities involve risk of injury, permanent disability and even death. I acknowledge that the terms and conditions of this document are contractual in nature and they are intended to have legal effect. I acknowledge that my consent to Participant’s participation in the Veteran Mentors Program is voluntary and not induced by the Company. I have read this document and understand its contents and complete it of my own free will.


To the maximum extent permitted in law, I hereby release the Company and its officers, agents, employees, shareholder and subcontractors, associated directly or indirectly, from all claims, demands and proceedings which are in any way connected with Participant’s participation in the activities stated above including the use of equipment or facilities, including any claims arising from negligence. This waiver does not apply to any claims arising from intentional conduct.


I give my express consent to the Company and it’s authorised individuals to provide the Participant any routine health care, administer prescribed medications and seek emergency medical treatment as and when necessary. I agree to be responsible for any expenses incurred for any treatment undertaken for the Participant’s welfare and I indemnify the Company for any such costs. This consent includes any arrangements for transportation of the Participant where it is deemed necessary for the welfare of the Participant as well as associated expenses.


I have assessed the suitability of activities offered by the Company for the Participant and confirm that the Participant does not suffer from any physical or mental condition that will render the participation in the Program unsafe. The Participant does not have any relevant pre-existing medical or physical conditions which have not been disclosed to the Company in this application form.


If any part of this waiver is held to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that part will be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.


By signing this agreement, I represent and warrant that I have the requisite capacity to sign this Agreement waiving any claims against the Company or its shareholders, employees, subcontractors, agents, directors or officers, that I may have or I might bring on behalf of the participant.

Waiver to transport the Participant

I understand that the participant will be picked up and dropped off using the mentors private vehicle.

I understand that the participant will be expected to follow all applicable laws of travelling in motor vehicle and the participant must abide by the instructions of the driver who is authorised by the Company to transport the participant. I recognise that as with any activity involving motor vehicle transportation, the Participant may risk personal injury, loss or death. I fully understand the risks involved in this activity and I assume any expenses incurred in the event of an accident, illness or other incapacity. I further agree to release the Company and its officers, directors, shareholder, subcontractors or employees from any claim that I / Participant may have against the Company or any individual authorised by the Company to transport the Participant, with regard to any damages or actions, including those
arising from negligence in any manner whatsoever from the activity of transportation.

Talent Release/Permission to Use

Photography / Audio /Video / Interview Notes / Authored Works

  1. Permission is hereby given to Veteran Mentors to take photographs, vision, and/or audio of me, and/or to archive my authored works, make copies of my authored works and publish my authored work in any form, in whole or in part, and distribute by any medium including, but not limited to, print media, internet, DVD, other multi-media uses or graphic representation, vision or audio.
  2. Permission is given for Veteran Mentors to use my authored work/s/ or photographs, recorded vision and/or sound of me / direct interview quotes for purposes including:
  • promoting and advertising resource materials, productions, or activities that would assist Veteran Mentors
  • stories about me and my involvement in the Veteran Mentors program that may appear in a variety formats including print, online, television, radio – all media

I confirm that I fully understand that no fee or payment will be provided for giving this permission and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, any claim for remuneration, residuals, royalties or other payment in respect of usage by Veteran Mentors is waived.

  1. Veteran Mentors undertakes not to use material in any way that would infringe on my moral rights without seeking separate written permission from me to do so.
  2. Veteran Mentors is not obliged to make use of the material.
  3. Veteran Mentors undertakes not to use the material in any way that would misrepresent the intent of my participation and, wherever possible, Veteran Mentors will be understanding of cultural, family and personal sensitivities.
  4. I confirm that I release Veteran Mentors and its servants and agents from any claim made by me arising out of any loss, damage, accident or injury as a result of the Event or Project and any photography, video or audio to which this permission relates.

Please complete the Parent / Guardian Consent and Waiver form below.

  • I,
  • have read and fully understood all the terms of the waiver as stated above.
  • By participating in this activity and/or recording, you consent to your or your child's personal information being published throughout the world whether online, in print or through other media services and communication tools for the above purposes.