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Teen Boot Camps for Troubled Teenage Girls

The Junior Leader Program is a boot camp for troubled teenage girls who struggle with behaviour, low self-esteem, disrespect and addition to technology. Focusing on essential values and life lessons, our disciplinary boot camps also provide a platform for children to challenge themselves and achieve goals they set for themselves.

The Junior Leader Program was created by Australian military veterans who understand the importance of respect and the impact of military training on life perspective. Deploying lessons derived from their experiences in the Defence Force, the Veteran Mentors are able to instil values such as respect, courage, resilience, initiative and teamwork to ensure they can get back on track.

As part of the experience on our troubled teen programs, participants will also get the opportunity to push themselves physically and engage in a range of fun activities that incorporate lessons based on these values.

Whether you’re looking for a camp for troubled youth in Queensland or a juvenile boot camp in Perth, Veteran Mentors run programs across most major cities Australia wide.

Following the successful completion of the Junior Leader Program, participants utilise their learnings to forge successful relationships with family members, to help them overcome challenges and to achieve more goals. Whether at home, school or with their friends, our Junior Leaders are well placed to handle whatever life throws at them, and can do so with confidence. 

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Graduation Day on the Junior Leader Program

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Some of the activities involved in our disciplinary boot camps include physical and nutritional education, making beds, polishing boots, ironing uniforms, cleaning their barracks, and military marching. By completing routine tasks and placing value on them, participants begin to take pride in their workmanship and are able to continue this mindset at home and in life. 

As well as participating in these routine activities, our Junior Leaders have a ball getting active with the chance to go rock climbing and abseiling, as well as having a go at a high ropes course, an Army-style obstacle course, survival training and skydiving.

Location & Accomodation

Our boot camps for troubled youth are run at purpose-built, school camp facilities. The advantage of choosing these sites for our camp is the natural surrounds, isolation from distractions and vicinity to natural waterfalls and bushlands. At the camp, participants are provided with bunk bed accommodation and access to amenities, as well as regular meals prepared with nutrition in mind. Get in touch with our team to find out more about the specific campsite for our next boot camp for troubled girls. 

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